Company Overview


Since 2005, AdvanceMobility has established itself as a choice for businesses looking for a complete field force management solution that is fast to implement, highly adaptable, user-friendly and reliable, does not occupy IT resource and is cost effective. AdvanceMobility’s solution provides state-of-the-art functionality, covering all aspects required to effectively manage your field force; and implement a unique bottom-up approach.   

AdvanceMobility provides field force visibility and real-time market intelligence. AdvanceMobility has developed the mobile solution to meet the requirements of the localised market. This includes a sound infrastructure, fanatical support and system functionality designed to navigate the limitations of the South African landscape, including limited cellular connectivity, and breakages in power supply.

Our mobile solution provides your business with relevant real-time information required to make quick, informed decisions. This information highlights field force movement and activity, allowing for efficiency gains and presents market intelligence allowing for strategic advantage in highly competitive markets.