The AdvanceKidz initiative was started in 2006 and is designed to assist all employees earning less than a specified amount. They have the opportunity for their children to receive education at a better level and with better facilities where their remuneration is insufficient to provide this elevated level.

The initiative is currently paying all the costs for 18 children from the ages of 1 year to 17 years to attend créche, nursery school, junior and senior schools in the areas that they live.



AdvanceMobility Year-end Charity Initiative

In 1999 the AdvanceNet Group embarked on an annual year-end charity initiative, a programme which incorporates a marketing drive with a charity fundraiser.

All customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are sent an electronic greetings card, in lieu of a traditional card, thanking them for their support during the year and wishing them a happy festive season. By sending out an electronic card instead of the traditional paper-based alternative, the AdvanceNet Group saves approximately R15 per card, which is then donated to a charity selected by the recipient from a list predefined by the Company.

Over R 440 000 has been donated to various worthy causes since this initiative was started.








AdvanceKhaya is a social upliftment programme designed to improve the quality of life of all unskilled and semi-skilled staff employed by AdvanceNet. Although we pay our employees more than twice the Department of Labour's minimum wage, it is our experience that very little disposable income typically remains for individuals employed in entry level positions. It is for this reason that we have introduced a housing allowance for all employees who earn less than a certain amount each month. This benefit is intended to ensure that we are doing our utmost to provide our staff with a better quality of life.







All employees, irrespective of their position within the Company, are given the opportunity to obtain their driver’s licences though AdvanceNet. The costs of any driving lessons required and the test itself are covered by the Company. To date more than twenty employees have benefited from this or are in the process of obtaining their licences.





AdvanceServices is a group company started in 2007 to provide historically disadvantaged individuals with an opportunity for employment. The company was started as an extension of our mission “ strive for complete customer delight in all aspects of our business...” and provides a complimentary car washing service to all valued visitors to our premises.









AdvanceNet is a proud supporter of the MySchool Programme, South Africa’s foremost fund-raising initiative for schools. Every new employee is given a MySchool card when they join the Company.