Fully Managed Mobile Solution

AdvanceMobility offers a complete hosted solution which is quick to implement, easy to use and highly effective. The mobile solution includes the benefits and methodology below:

    • Rich end-to-end functionality – so you can manage almost every aspect of your mobile field force. The mobile application includes embedded photographs and signatures, validating data captured.
    • Fully hosted solution – 24/7 support, including software troubleshooting and the ability to remotely support each device.
    • Device swap-out programme, regardless of cause (device is lost, stolen, damaged etc) ensuring the mobile user is always able to operate. 
    • Managed data solution so there is no risk of exorbitant data costs. Data is utilised for business purposes only.
    • Adaptability – customised to meet your specific requirements and quick to be tailored to the scope of your business.
    • Easy to use, implement and maintain – short-term: you’ll be able to connect with your field force and see productivity rise. Long-term: you’ll have an innovative field force management solution with a low cost of ownership.
    • Ongoing development and innovation- experience and Intellectual Property within the mobile space will continually be shared with your business, allowing for competitive advantage.

No matter how specialised your business, AdvanceMobility can meet the needs of your organisation, helping your employees become more effective and your company to gain the competitive advantage.

Fast to implement, simple to use and cost effective

With no development fees or upfront costs, AdvanceMobility is a cost-effective solution which is quick to implement and easy to use. As your field force grows, AdvanceMobility will provide the stable platform required to manage effectively and efficiently.

Simple, Smart, Innovative

Everything you need from a modern field force management solution, AdvanceMobility is simple, smart and innovative – to fit the way you like to do business. Using the AM solution helps you:

  • Raise productivity – gain field force transparency in order to achieve efficiency and control.
  • Easily produce real-time reports in your customised format – for quick, accurate market intelligence.
  • Make critical information accessible to the mobile field force – for customer satisfaction and easy-to-measure field force performance.
  • Grow your business – AdvanceMobility adapts to changes in your organisation and business environment, while the cost of ownership stays low.

AdvanceMobility offers a powerful yet cost-effective solution that can be tailored for your company. It supports customisation and add-on software to meet industry or other specific needs. In addition, it adapts to a growing business's needs for more power and functionality.

Easy to adopt

The mobile application has been designed with the end-user in mind. The software is extremely easy to use -with all modules sharing the same format, it is quick to learn and simple to use. We understand the limitations of a handheld device and have therefore designed the most optimum ways to view and capture information on the handheld device. AdvanceMobility offers ongoing training to ensure the quick field force adoption required in any successful mobile project.

Customised to meet your business needs               

AdvanceMobility understands the ever-changing needs experienced in technology. We therefore include ongoing report writing and development updates in order to keep our clients on the cutting edge of mobile technology. All reporting requirements and development are customised to meet our client’s niche requirements.

Strategic advantage                       

The AdvanceMobility solution was initially developed to allow access to real-time incidental information within the market place. A unique bottom-up approach was born, allowing management to quickly convert real-time incidental data into relevant reporting in order to make quick decisions, providing a mechanism for significant advantage in highly competitive markets.