Technical Support


AdvanceMobility provides a 24-hour telephonic support service, which allows existing clients to contact us regarding any technical or functional problems they may be experiencing with the software. Should AdvanceMobility not be able to resolve the support issue after thorough investigation, we will contact the software authors and escalate the problem to their support desk. We will then liaise constantly with our colleagues in an endeavour to resolve the issue, if need be by escalating problems through to their Research and Development Headquarters. In the unlikely event that a client uncovers a previously unknown ‘limitation’ in the version of the software that they have installed, AdvanceMobility will raise the issue to the software authors for investigation. This request can be in two forms:


SMR – System Modification Request. This is a request to add or amend the functionality of the software to address a particular requirement of the client. Such a request will then be assessed for inclusion in future software releases.

TRF – Technical Request Form. This is a request to investigate and fix a problem uncovered in the software that is deemed a ‘bug’.


In any dealing which the client has with AdvanceMobility, there will be a constant monitoring of the issue, with regular contacts with the client in order to keep them informed.